Weirdbook #39 May 2018 full contents

Horror Around The Bend by Franklyn Searight Page 3

A Tiny Cut by Samson Stormcrow Hayes Page 25

Posthumous by Marlane Quade Cook Page 27

Pages From An Invisible Book by Darrell Schweitzer Page 30

That Name Was Evoc by Lorenzo Crescentini Page 41

Misdiagnosed by Jackie Bee Page 47

Dog Drool by Frederick J. Mayer Page 51

The Venusian Mantis by Teege Braune Page 64

The Color of the Gods by Ken Heueler Page 68

Spawning Ground by Hannah Lackoff Page 78

Curse of the Dark Queen by Lily Luchesi Page 87

Monika Unraveling by Rebecca House Page 99

Crawling With Them by Jason Zwiker Page 103

Seven Sisters by James Machin Page 111

The House In The Mountains by Michael Washburn Page 119

Eyes Without A Face by Thomas Vaughn Page 132

Clartley Chowder by Riche Brown Page 138

Dominion Over Abbadon by Richard J. O’Brien Page 148

Divine Wind Of The Dark by Frank Schildiner Page 156

Skrik by Bekki Pate Page 159

The Ferryman’s Journal by Ed Burkley Page 172

Demiurge by Marc A. Fitch Page 183

And In Her Eyes The City Drowned by Kyla Lee Ward Page 193

Clouds Like Memories, Words Like Stones by John R. Fultz Page 203

Up The Lazy River by Adrian Cole Page 221

Poems and Flash Fiction

Bad Night by Lucy Snyder Page 233

Songs Of The Quail by Jessica Amanda Salmonson Page 234

Sylvan Simalcrum by Chad Hensley Page 242

Mister Dorton’s Cats by Russ Parkhurst Page 244

Miskatonic Etudes by James P. Roberts Page 246

The Cursed by Julio Toro San Martin & Hank Simmons Page 250

The Autumn People by Kurt Newton Page 251

The Great Time Machine by Denny E. Marshall Page 253

Ea Carpe Noctis by Frank Coffman Page 254


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A Classic Reborn