Hey folks!
It’s that time again!

This year’s Weirdbook Annual will be themed ZOMBIES!

As usual, the rates will be $0.005 (1/2cent) per word. (So if you get accepted don’t go spending that check all in one place.) Plus two printed copies for fiction and one for poetry

Stories should be no more than 6K words in length!

Submissions will be accepted during the 2nd half of July

Send them to
Subject line should be… Zombies/title/your last name

This goes with out being said, but I want stories that are fun, entertaining and scary.

Remember, Entertainment sells!
Weirdbook isn’t The National Endowment For The Arts, we are a business.
We have to sell issues in order to survive.

Now I have nothing against Romeroesque plague zombies, but that’s been done to death. So I’d be much more happy seeing zombies with a supernatural slant. I’m not demanding this, but I don’t want to be flooded “The Walking Dead/NotLD” style stories.

So remember, variaty is the spice of life.

This also goes without being said, but submissions are open to EVERYONE!

 Simultaneous submissions are allowed as long as you let me know.

And I expect to be notified if a simultaneous submission is accepted elsewhere. That’s just common courtesy. 

Update: All stories need to be self-contained/Stand alone.

I don’t mind a story being part of a series, but it can’t be a serial.

Update #2: No HARDCORE sex!

                          No Sexual violence!

                         No UNDERAGED SEX!!

I’m looking for original (no reprints) well-written (duuh, I guess that that’s fairly obvious) weird stories. My tastes are broad and I’m looking for any of the following: fantasy, dark fantasy, sword and sorcery, ghost, horror, heroic fantasy, science fantasy or just plain odd.

And please, no cover letters or biographies.

Just Shunn Format!

One Story Submission at a time, please!

And please, no stories longer than 6,000 words this time around


Email topic should be…….

Zombies/title/your last name

Preferably attach your story as a doc, docx or rtf file.

Please send it in a standard format; if in doubt check here for guidance:

Current payment is $5 per thousand words  and two printed contributor copies. Only one copy for poetry.

(That’s $0.005 per word)

Please send your submissions to: weirdaether(AT)

And lastly, if you want to impress me then you need to ENTERTAIN ME!!



Douglas Draa


A Classic Reborn